Hjertens visiting Japan
March 29 - April 9 , 1999     

Here you can see some pictures from when Jan and Inger Hjerten (Perīs parents unless you didnt guess it yourself) visited us in Japan.. They were here for two weeks and we went to Kyoto and Shimoda over one weekend. This was the second time they visited us in Japan!!! We appriciate that very much and only ask.... when will our brothers come visit us?

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Hjertens have arrived in Japan.

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They brought us "semlor" !!

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Inger trying to figure out how to use the subway.

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Many trains in Tokyo.

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Akihabara is a great place....

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...but sometimes there is too much to buy.

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Now we are in Kyoyo, looking at the oldest sakura tree in Japan.

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Breakfast (lunch) under the cherry blossom.

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Jan is posing.

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We are in the garden of Heian shrine.

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"Donīt take a picture of me, take someone else instead"

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Many flowers and many people.

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We were filming a LOT!

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The fish are hungry.

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Maybe they want our fingers?

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Beautiful trees in the garden.

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A small japanese style house with snacks for tourists.
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Walking on the water.

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Smailru again.

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.. and more sakura!!

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People relaxing eating "dango".

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