Hjerténs and Anders in Shimoda
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Åsa Ander, a college of Per,  also had her parents visiting. We met them outside Shimoda on Izu peninsula, were we stayed overnight in out favorite ryokan, Isokaze. The ryokan is located in a small fishing village called Suzaki, and the view from the rooms in the hotel are just absolutely fantastic. It is located right by the see and there is a small island just outside were we took a stroll in the afternoon before having a hot bath and a great dinner. the day after, Åsa and her family continued to Hiroshima, and we went back to Tokyo. 

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Åsa Ander and her family in Shimoda

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Åsa works with Per at the attaché office.

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Åsa´s sister and father.

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Nice view from the island outside our hotel, Isokaze.

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Åsa with Bamboo

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Someone is trying to do some research on the interesting cliffs around the area.

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Everyone suddenly started collect things, and Per is documenting

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As a matter of fact, we were filming a lot this weekend.

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Dinner at the ryokan. Inger, what is on your mind?

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We are applauding the music from the room next door.

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Lisa and Vera VERY concentrated on the food. What shall we do??

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good service from a lady who doesn't speak a single word of English.

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Per seems happy.

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Just eat it, she said! All of it, including the eyes!

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Of course I will eat it, it looks delicious!

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The family Ander at Isokaze ryokan in Shimoda.

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"your kidding, should I eat this?"

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"Yeah yeah! I got it out anyway"

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"Mmmm, I guess it wasn´t sooo bad. "

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