Our adventures in Japan:
(No swedish? - Look at the pics!)
November 99
01 Anna and Erik in Tower
April 99
04  Two families in Shimoda  
02  Hjertens in  Kyoto 
October 97
26.Visiting relatives
February 97
05.Viking Venture
November 96
03.Croatian dinner
October 96
27.Sado ga shima 2
26.Sado ga shima
22.Statt jubilee (4/4)
19.Statt jubilee (3/4)
19.Happy birthday!
17.Statt jubilee (2/4)
16.Statt jubilee (1/4)
13.More Henning and Per
12.Henning and Per visits
06.Hiking in Chichibu
03.Japanese lesson
September 96
30.Milles exhibition
18.Fermented herring party
14.Kyoto part 2
13.Kyoto part 1
August 96
31.Trip to Ashigara
25.Hockey with Malmö FF
18.Tokyo tower
17.Sega Joypolis with queue
16.Dinner with Dr Hara
14.Okonomiyaki and Asakusa
11.The architekt that lied!
10.Ueno Park
06.Tea ceremony
03.Our home street...
July 96
28.On the beach
26.Conquering Mt Fuji
20.Wine tasting in Roppongi
20.Swimming at the embassy
20.Roof jazz
19.House warming party
14.Meiji shrine
13.A normal saturday...
06.Party on "Makabe Beach"
05.Magnus sayonara
June 96
29.Jazz at The Hub!
29.How we came to Japan...