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Per Johan Hjertén


Braxengränd 24

17555 Järfälla

Tel home:
Tel mob:

per at
+46 8 - 580 16116
+46 737 - 123 286

Date of birth:
Place of birth:

15 may 1966
Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden



Professional experience

0908 -

Sentensia Q AB

IT Infrastructure consultant. Sentensia Q offers the marketplace leading consultants within IT infrastructure with a focus on organization, security and communications

0812 - 0907

Parental leave

Staying home with Benjamin born 0803

0605 - 0811

Sentensia Q AB

IT Infrastructure consultant. Sentensia Q offers the marketplace leading consultants within IT infrastructure with a focus on organization, security and communications

0511 - 0604

SIS, Swedish Standards Institute

Project Manager Information Management. National, European and global standardization.

0507 - 0510

Job hunting


0501 - 0506

Parental leave

Staying home with second daughter Rebecka born 0406

0407 - 0412

Job hunting


0402 - 0406

British Embassy

Science & Technology Officer, creation and support of S&T relations between industry, academic research and government in UK and Sweden.

0306 - 0401

Parental leave

At home with first child, daughter Veronica born 0203.

0201 - 0305


Project manager at the Swedish ICT-Commission. The ICT Commission is set up by the Swedish Government as the Advisory Board in the field of Information Technology.

0106 - 

Hjertén in Stockholm HB

Innovation Analyst. Hjertén in Stockholm HB monitors and analyses the technology development in IT and telecommunication focusing future use of Internet, mobile communication, multimedia and new technologies, but also innovations systems, globalization and international strategic business development.

0008 - 0105

Stonepath Europe

Technology Analyst and consultant. Stonepath Europe finances and builds innovative companies that develop IT end communication related enabling technologies, infrastructure technologies, interactive software solutions and e-business applications.

9606 – 0002

Embassy of Sweden, Science and Technology Office (Sveriges Tekniska Attachéer) in Tokyo

IT analyst. Analysis of the Japanese IT/telecom market. Focusing on technology-human-society. Business Intelligence consulting, technology driven business development, formulating strategic alliances between Swedish and Japanese companies. Sales, project management and performance of local and global projects. 

9506 - 9606

WM data AB

Consultant in electronic commerce focusing on EDI. Also including workflow, Lotus Notes, E-mail, Internet, Intranet, WWW, CTI and other VAN-services. Project management, education, sales, proposals, strategic assistance, assisting final thesis work etc. 

9406 - 9505

Telub Inforum AB

Informatics consultant. Project manager and project assistant in CALS, SGML and digital documentation projects. Development of informational structures, education in new tools and technologies. Connecting documentation and product databases. Developing and running courses in CALS and SGML in Sweden and abroad.

9301 - 9405

Karlskronavarvet AB

Technical documentation and system administration at ship building company. Expert in CALS and SGML. Sub project manager in export projects.

9211 - 9212

University of Stockholm

Temporary work while finding a proper job. 


Signaling troops.

Military training. 

9206 - 9208

Companion Datakonsulter AB

Product development of PC application tool Royal Profile. 

9108 - 9205

LinTek, Student union in Linköping

Member of the board and industry contact of the technology students union at Linköping Institute of Technology. 

9106 - 9108

IBM, Final thesis work

Development of production volume forecasting tools at IBM. 

8806 - 8808

Haland AB, working life training

Development of PC based economy system at fine mechanical workshop. 

8609 - 8707

Companion Datakonsulter AB

Computer consultant. Development of various administrative systems on PC. Tools: Royal Base, later Royal Profile. A number of commissions on distance for this company during university studies in Linköping.



8708 - 9112

LiTH, Linköpings Institute of Technology

Master of Science, Industrial Engineering and Management, electronics branch. Exam: 17 December 1991. Specializing in production planning and economic information systems. Final thesis work: production volume forecast tools at IBM.

8506 - 8608

Signaling troops

Military service

8208 - 8505


Upper secondary school. Specialized in nature sciences and computing technology.


0512 -

Mensa Sweden

Member of

0501 -

Big Band Orchestra

Tenor Saxophone player and member of the board in Stockholms Jazzorkester, amateur big band.

0304 -

Virtual Flying Club

Founder and administrator of virtual flying club for general aviation online flying in Sweden.

9606 - 9910

Young Chamber Network

Member of the board of Young Chamber Network, a network for young professionals with relations to Sweden and Japan. Fun, cheap and useful! Existing within the framework of SCCJ, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Japan., 

9004 -

Dixie Dream

Banjo player in the Dixieland orchestra Dixie Dream. Street music, private and company gigs and tours in Europe and Asia.

8808 - 9205

Student orchestra

Clarinet, sax, treasurer and conductor in the student orchestra LiTHe Blås, 50 members.

84 - 87

Scout leader

Scout leader for senior scouts (15 - 18 years of age). Viksjö Scout group, Swedish scout association.











Curriculum Vitae, Per Hjertén, Stockholm, 2010-06-01