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Sapporo Snow Festival 1997

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Snow Festival Vikings on Internet

The Swedish team will compete in the International Snow Statue Contest in Sapporo, Hokkaido with an historic Swedish symbol - a Viking. The progress of the Swedish statue can be followed directly on Internet

Sweden will together with other countries from all over the world compete in the International Snow Statue Contest at the 48th Sapporo Snow Festival. About two million people are expected to visit Sapporo during the first week in February. Hundreds of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures will turn Sapporo into a winter dreamland.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is a well known event internationally and to make it possible for the people in Sweden and in other countries to be a part of the festival the Swedish team will show the event on Internet. The construction of the Swedish statue will continuously be shown on Internet ( The home page will be updated with new pictures every day. You can also communicate directly with the team out in snow by e-mail (

There will be a lot of Vikings in Sapporo during the snow festival. The large exhibition "The Vikings and the Glory of their Descendants" will be in Sapporo at the same time as the snow festival. The Swedish Viking Exhibition is a part of the Sweden Campaign which during 1996/97 is spreading Swedish culture around Japan.

The competition is divided into two groups, A and B. Sweden is so far competing in the lower B-group, but is hoping to move up to the A-group next year. The team members of this years Swedish team are the following Vikings:

Malin Nilsson, Embassy of Sweden
Jan Sträng, Science & Technology Office Embassy of Sweden
Per Hjertén, Science & Technology Office Embassy of Sweden
Helena Stjernberg, Nippon Ericsson K.K.

The Swedish team is sponsored by Volvo as the main sponosr, Ericsson Mobile Phones as the communication sponsor and has received unified SOS (Sportswear Of Sweden) team clothes.

The event is however much more than a competition - it is a way of promoting international exchange and friendship.

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