Team Korea

Team Sweden
Sapporo Snow Festival 1997


The Korean Snow Statue - The 21st Century Poseidon

The statue known as the Poseidon of the 21st century is representative of the challenges we face as the new century approaches. According to Greek myth Poseidon is the Ocean God who holds a three pronged spear and rules the sea. But look how the 21st century has altered his appearance. The poor 21st century Poseidon holds a wooden crutch and rides on a deformed fish from polluted oceans. This is a strong warning against environmental pollution. We must prevent Poseidon from being changed in the 21st century.

The Korean Team Members

Jeong Yong Sik - Artist
Kim Yang Il -Artist
Mo Deuk Moung - Artist
Kim Dong Ryeol - Artist

Kim Hyung Ki

The sculpturing progress

Pictures from Wednesday noon (left) and evening (right)


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