Team Portland

Team Sweden
Sapporo Snow Festival 1997


The Portland Snow Statue - River Journey

Portland is an American sister city to Sapporo.

The Native Americans of Oregon and the Pacific West have traveled on rivers for thousands of years to trade, fish and visit other villages. The rivers and forests of the region provided the people with salmon for food, cedar trees for canoes and inspiration for their well known art forms. Some of these things are represented in our snow sculpture. Where native canoes once traveled, ocean freighters now sail the Columbia River linking Portland to the Pacific Ocean and Japan. We hope that one day you will visit Oregon to see our forests, rivers and Mountains. Friendly exchanges between Portland and Sapporo enrich the citizens of our Sister Cities.

The Portland Team Members

(...or at least ONE of them.)

Russell Plaegar - Consultant
Christopher Huessy - Ice Sculptor
Keijiro Miyata - Chef Instructor
Lee Cheatle - Hotel Director

Dennise Huessy

The sculpturing progress

Pictures from Wednesday February 5th.


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