Team USA

Team Sweden
Sapporo Snow Festival 1997


The USA Snow Statue - The Hunt

The original use of the Kayak was for whale hunting by the native Alaskan Indian tribes, more commonly known as the Eskimo. the whale was important in their culture not only as a food source, but as a source for medicine, oil for lamps, bone for artisans, and the manufacture of spear tips. No portion of the whale was wasted. Our statue pays tribute to these early hunters and their powerful adversary.

The USA Team Members with three beautiful Miss Sapporos.

David Markowski
Rickey Winter
Jimmy McIntire
Jade Carrel

Manager and companions:
Robert Gunther
Kathey Markowski
Eric Markowski

Thanks for the chili, and a great week! - from The Swedish Vikings!

The sculpturing progress

Pictures from Wednesday February 5th.


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